Example of use (automotive)

GST coating of epitrochoids for
eccentric rotary (Wankel) engines


Partial TRIBODUR SiC coating of engine pistons to protect against wear: treatment in closed system using GST (Gramm Selective Technology) with high accuracy and savings in chemicals.



  • Applicable to sand and chill castings
  • Extreme resistance to wear
  • Very small amount of additional abrasive in the thick layers necessary
  • Aluminium alloys possible with up to 12% silicon and up to 3% copper content
  • Coating hardness > 450 Hv
  • Coating matrix nickel
  • High dimensioning precision because of homogeneous layer distribution
  • Plating process can be integrated into manufacturing flow

more examples of use

Coating material: TRIBODUR SiC
Substrate: aluminium alloyspartial
coating using Gramm Selective Technology (GST)