Example of use (automotive)

Cylinder liners with GST coating


Partial surface treatment of cylinder lining to protect against wear: plating in closed system using GST (Gramm Selective Technology) with high accuracy and savings in chemicals.



  • High resistance to wear (<2 µ after 400h and 12 cold-start tests)
  • Suitable for lower-quality fuels
  • Low resistance in use (low CO2 emissions)
  • Precisely definable layer thickness
  • No preliminary sandblasting required
  • Short processing time
  • GST plant design goes back 15 years
  • Plant requires approx. 1/10 of the space of conventional plating equipment
  • Plating process can be integrated into manufacturing flow
  • High safety level for workers and plant (vacuum design and closed cycles)
  • Closed system avoids open baths and need for extractors/waste management

more examples of use

Coating material: FERROSIL®, TRIBODUR SiC
HCR Hard chromium (crack-free), OXIDUR
Substrate: AlMgSi, all casting processes possible because of
selective GST - Gramm Selective Technology coating