Example of use

GAMMAT® vario HCR hard chromium plating plant


Surface finishing unit with GST (Gramm Selective Technology) in a closed system



  • Fully automatic plating unit for selective coating
  • Closed system avoids open baths and need for extractors/waste management
  • High safety level for workers and plant (vacuum design and closed cycles)
  • Volume of electrolyte below that in EU “Seveso” guideline
  • Closed bath technology means no PFO use necessary
  • High layer dimensioning precision (+/-10%)
  • Coating times approx. 1/15 of conventional classic plating bath times
  • Avoidance of overplating (30% savings in energy and chemicals)
  • High process efficiency (25-30% savings) from better use of current
  • Automatic loading and unloading of plant
  • Plant requires approx. 1/10 of the space of conventional plating equipment
  • Parts come out of plant clean and dry, ready for immediate further processing
  • Direct integration into manufacturing line possible

more examples of use

GAMMAT® vario HCR 4.4 GST hard chromium
plating unit for selective precision
(hard chromium) plating of engine valve shafts