GST - Gramm Selective Technology

"Bringing the chemistry to the component"


Normal electroplating processes are reversed in the case of GST, Gramm Selective Technology: instead of the part being taken from one open plating bath to the next, the plating solutions are brought to the part at its fixed position.



  • Closed cycles
  • Vacuum pumping of the media
  • Minimal emissions
  • Safe working
  • Clean manufacturing
  • Constant repeatability
  • Automatic 100% in-process monitoring of deposit
  • Each part subject to individual monitoring
  • Short processing times
  • Plant design that goes back 15 years
  • Space requirements approx. 1/10 of those for conventional plating equipment
  • Smooth integration of plant into processing line
  • Specific plating chemicals for the plant


Gramm Selective Technology, Example of use

Conventional electroplating
Gramm Selective Technology