Example of use

Pickling of extrusion tools



  • Closed system following ATEX, environmentally friendly
  • Low use of water and electricity
  • Short processing times (up to 50% savings on open-system pickling times)
  • Fully automatic process
  • NaOH kept for long periods
  • Large quantities of aluminium reclaimed

more examples of use

Conventional > little aluminium reclaimed > long pickling time
Gramm GST > much aluminium reclaimed > short pickling time

After profiles are extruded a large quantity of aluminium remains in the matrix. Before the tool is used again, this aluminium has to be removed. The complex geometry of the tool forbids simple removal and so the aluminium is removed by dissolving it in soda solution. Gramm Technik has pioneered the replacement of the usual open baths with their soda solution and hydrogen vapour by a pickling system which frees the tools from their hard and aluminium much more safely, quickly and economically.