Example of use (automotive)

Plating of pistons with FERROSIL® GST


Partial surface treatment of engine pistons to protect against wear: plating in closed system using GST (Gramm Selective Technology) with high accuracy and savings in chemicals.



  • Precisely dimensioned FERROSIL® deposition
  • FERROSIL® coating has great hardness (350-600 Hv)
  • An additional 1 µm-coating of tin is applied for additional protection and improvement of friction properties
  • Excellent sliding properties in non-plated AlMgSi cylinders
  • GST plant design goes back 15 years
  • Plant requires approx. 1/10 of the space of conventional plating equipment
  • Plating process can be integrated into manufacturing flow
  • High safety level for workers and plant (vacuum design and closed cycles)
  • Closed system avoids open baths and need for extractors/waste management
  • Process available as contract plating or operator partnership on site

more examples of use

Coating material: FERROSIL® + tin
Substrate: Aluminium alloys (AlMgSi)
Selective coating possible of piston shaft, pin-hole, 1st to 3rd grooves, 1st to 4th bands and base of piston
GST - Gramm Selective Technology and GSP Technology