Example of use (electrical engineering)

Plating of aluminium power rails

Selective plating of the contact areas gives aluminium power rails charge transfer resistance comparable to that of copper. Aluminium as material has the advantage of lower cost and lighter weight.



  • Huge cost savings in comparison with copper
  • Lighter power rails meaning lower carrier system and assembly costs
  • No pre-treatment necessary for establishment of contact as with copper rails
  • Power rail systems bring many advantages in layout, contact and costs as against cable
  • Layer thickness can be maintained in a GSP plant with great accuracy (±2 µm2)
  • Plant requires approx. 1/10 of the space of conventional plating equipment
  • GSP plant can be installed in an aluminium extrusions works (for instance) so that there are no additional logistics costs
  • High safety level for workers and plant (vacuum design and closed cycles)
  • Closed system avoids open baths and need for extractors/waste management

more examples of use

Coating material: nickel 5µm, tin 5µm
alternatively 10/10 for high corrosion situations
Substrate: AlMgSi continuous plating
with Gramm Speed Plater (GSP)